We are interested in the application of industrial laser technology and advanced computer graphics to the arts and crafts in a new genre that we are calling "Laser Art Technology"
Our work is certainly very diverse in terms of product mix - ranging from children's toys right through to industrial control panels and the like. And we also use a wide spectrum of materials - ceramics, plastics, acrylics, wood, leather, paper, various metals and fabrics and drool when we find a new material that we have not previously tested.

Our overall aim is to work collaboratively with other artists and artisans and this is made possible, to a very high degree, by the dynamics of living within an absolutely delightful natural environment centred around Denmark on the far south coast of Western Australia. This environment has nurtured and inspired the creativity of hundreds of local artists and artisans for decades and it now provides the perfect platform to explore and exploit the application of the new technology.
Nullaki Laser Art
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